Reintegrative Shaming Essay

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Reintegrative Shaming Program Jessica Anguiano CJS/231 June 22nd, 2015 Gregory Mc Clelland Reintegrative Shaming Program As human beings we come up with all kinds of ideas that we think may make the world a better place. One of the main problems we struggle with in society is to stop habitual criminals from going back into the system and lower the number of prisoners residing in over populated prisons. We hear all the time that these prisons do not give people a reason to not want to return as they pretty much have life made. I mean let’s think about it, they don’t have to work, and they watch television, have video game consoles, name brand clothing, as well as visits from family and friends, what would make them want to go back into society where they have to be responsible for themselves? Many prisoners if asked the question “Would you rather be on the street or in prison?” would sadly respond with the answer of prison. There are two forms of shaming that have been created in order to reform these criminals back into law abiding citizens so they may be placed back into society and not become a problem. These forms are called Reintegrative shaming and Stigmatic shaming, Reintegrative shaming is a theory in which the moral bond between the offender and the community is strengthened. This is done through introducing the offender back into the community requiring that the offender express remorse for their conduct, apologize to any victims, and repair any harm caused by the crime they committed. Stigmatic differs from Reintegrative because stigmatic is designed to destroy the moral bond between the offender and the community. This forces the offender to become an outcast within the community. For example Stigmatic shaming is what American judges employ when they make an offender post a sign on his property saying "a violent felon lives here", or a bumper
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