Reinforcement and Motivation in the Workplace

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POSITIVE REINFORCEMENTS IN THE WORKPLACE For an organization, good work is rewarded with some type of a positive reinforcement. By doing the positive reinforcement, the act which was rewarded had a pleasant result and makes the employee want to continue to do good work. Behavior is a function of its consequences (Love, 2005). Managers have to do some type of positive reinforcement to keep the employees doing great performances and that leads to the organization’s good repetition and what keeps the business going. Some forms of positive reinforcements in the workplace are: • Contests- to recognize and reward top performance • Promoting fun and values • Rewards which should be symbolic, tangible, and anchor positive behaviors With the right reinforcement, everyone’s performance can improve. Applying that knowledge will bring about the behavioral changes you want from your employees. And that’s the best way to meet your company’s goals (Love, 2005). Being a manager, taking into consideration of positive reinforcements would only make what he/she has at hand better. Ways to let your employees know that they are valued and spur them on to success are to accentuate the positive by informing of the wrong but going easy on how it is said and what is said; open the lines of communication by encouraging group discussions where employees are able to just open up and get everything off their minds and as a manager, being there as a mediator. If you give your people a little more control and the benefit of the doubt, they’ll feel appreciated, depended on, and willing to go that extra mile. Other ways to let your employees know that they are valued are to always play fair, never show favoritism because the employees will know and it makes them feel unappreciated; match the skill to the task at hand by putting employees who helps one another for the good. If one employee

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