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전생: Reincarnation 1. Do you believe in Reincarnation? - What is it? : All organisms have several lives one after another. 2. I am reading some interesting book in these days. “Science you can’t learn in school” written by Prof. “오오츠키 요시히코” - He suggests some extravagant ideas. - He manages to explain some mysterious Phenomena such as “Spontaneous Human Combustion”, “UFO” and “Ghost Fire” by Physics. 3. One of the topics caught my eyes. : “Reincarnation” - According to his theory, Reincarnation can exists under some specific circumstance like Nano world. 4. There are two Thermodynamic laws in Physics. - First one is “Law of conservation of Energy” : “Energy can be neither created nor destroyed.” : Total amount of the energy is constant. - Second one is “Law of Entropy” : “Entropy” means “Energy” + Greek word “Tropy” meaning “Direction” in English. : Entropy is defined by German Physicist “Ruthorpe Clausis” in 1850. : Briefly speaking, “Every event accomplished by increase in entropy of universe.” In other words, “Every material can be transformed from Stable and ordered state ( unstable and disordered state in nature”. : For example, molecules inside Ice cube are very stable, however when it is exposed to energy like heat, it dissolved, which means molecules become unstable and free to go. On the other hand, we are not able to make the ice cube from tepid water under normal temperature. : Big bang, Erosion, even burning can be explained by this theory. 5. Now for human body, most of the case, our body will be decayed after

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