Reimbursement in Healthcare Essay

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HSS210-1301B-02 FUNDAMANTALS OF REIMBURSEMENT IN HEALTHCARE PHASE 3 1P FELICIA MOORE 3/11/13 SUMMARY We will be expecting some visitor's in our building soon. These people are going to be coming from state to observe the work we do. We will be getting checked off in a variety of areas. They will make sure that we do provide the proper patient privacy. They will check to see if we are coding correctly. They will also check to see if we sanitize correctly. They are watching in all areas. MEDICARE REIMBURSEMENT CYCLE Note that all monies are refundable. Reimbursements are determined Based on the type of service, code edits, co-payments, deductibles, and the type of plan that you are on. Reimbursements are determined based on hoe many payments in full that the providers receive from the healthcare plan. When you pay in full there are no additional costs to be made. Reimbursement is based on 80% of all monies paid in full. Every month most companies do an applicable cost for reimbursement. A change master record consists of an initial screen, change header, object types, alternative dates, status, affectivity etc. On the initial screen a number is used to identify a record. A change header has the date and reason for the change. Object types give you more flexibility. It also lets you process information the way that you want to. On the effectively screen you can enter values for the affectivity type like a range of serial numbers. A change master record contains information necessary for the management and control of the company. Some people call them SAP libraries. This record contains all information for a business. Revenue cycles are what businesses use to show their financial progress. The cycle runs from the very beginning when the first product is sold until the last product is sold and paid for. Providing service is the start of a
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