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My findings at Reid Park are very impressing and further support the Social Learning Theory. I sat there studying several children between the ages of 18 months to six years old. As a scholar of the social learning theory I particularly keyed in on the influence that other people have over another persons behavior. Watching as children act on their environment weather it is with other children or with the adults who are watching them. As said by Albert Bandura, “…They create it, preserve it, transform it, and even destroy it… in socially embedded interplay.” I also note all actions of modeling the children display, trying to evaluate if it is from admiration or similarity. Since modeling is most likely to occur when the observer is uncertain or inexperienced I try to focuses my notes on children expressing those attributes. Lastly, I take a look at signs of self-efficacy, the belief of some people that they are able to change themselves and effectively alter social context. This is mainly how it relates to strict parents. I arrived in the morning and spend some time at the park. My notes are displayed below: 1. I notice a swing with no children on it. There is a boy around the age of five, sitting with his parents who are talking on a cell phone. He seems to be reluctant to go play at the park, but then something fascinating happens, another boy around the same age shows up to the park and runs to the swings. He jumps on and begins to try and swing on his own. The boy with his parents sees this and walks over to the other swing and attempts to swing on his own. (Can this be what Albert Bandura was conveying to the world when he developed the social learning theory? I note that there was no contact between the two boys, only one who was sitting quietly and observes the other boy run and play on the swing while his mom and dad yap away on their cell phones.) 2. My

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