Rehortical Analysis

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HELP HER: She Can’t Help Herself. It is the 21st century, and advertisements are an influential part of today’s society. Ads are everywhere we look; on billboards, in newspaper, magazine, and even on TV. Picture this: You’re flipping through your favorite magazine and after reading an article on healthy choices to maintain a sexy body the next three pages are ads. The first one is for a beauty product; the next one is for milk, and then one on secondhand smoke. This secondhand smoking ad is a picture of a young girl with a smoke halo above her head with one sentence that says, “Children of parents who smoke, get to heaven earlier.” (Image 1). The emotions, thoughts, and ideas that run through your mind are endless, all based on one picture with a simple sentence. Sometimes pictures speak louder than words. Just by looking at an ad you can come up with a good sense of what message the company wants you to take away. The halo above the young child’s head, the child, the background, the words, and every part of the ad has a significant reason for being incorporated. An advertising company’s goal is to create an ad that targets a certain audience by using different appeal. In this ad the attended audience could be a wide variety of people. The main audience is parents who smoke. However, I think this ad is also affective towards a number of other people. For example, this ad may also have an effect on any adult smokers, children of parents who smoke, grandparents, doctor, and many more. This advertisement is strong and effective by making people see and feel what secondhand smoke does to children. When looking at this ad the first thing that catches the eye is the smoke halo. The halo represents heaven and god. The young girls eyes are looking up which could be another resemblance of god and looking up to heaven. The look on her face is sad, innocent, and almost

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