Rehabilitation vs Punishment

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Rehabilitation vs. Punishment Introduction For us, the citizens are accustomed to hearing whenever it is punishment or rehabilitation The modern doctrine considers criminal offenders who are sentenced to prison to be "rehabilitated" and to serve his sentence, can be reintegrated into society. That is, be part of the principle of the perfectibility of man and the premise of which is a series condition, mainly external, which induce the crime. However, reality shows another face. In our prisons not only rehabilitate prisoners, men and women, but seem to have become, rather, in schools of crime. In a report published Sunday in The Times reports on the existence of organized criminal networks for some of the same defendants with leadership skills, who torture, extort and engage in delinquent peer relationships with police officers assigned to prisons. However, there are exceptions, in this case honorable. Sensitive Personal Address Corrections has proceeded to disrupt one of these networks some comfort returning to prisoners. However, it is therefore known, an isolated incident, but has the virtue, besides benefiting the abused, of appealing to people generally, if not indifferent to this problem, rather has the conception of justice as an act of revenge and repair. therefore necessary to work in this field and in the state in this field and the Ombudsman is doing a good job, to realize that that our prisons are venues rehabilitation centers and human degradation and abuse. Punishment n our society we can see that today in many prisons do not have adequate resources for proper rehabilitation when it comes to this we can see that the inmates when they finish their sentences again commit the same crimes or sometimes stronger leading to these re-enter the prison without being properly help to enable them to join the community and is supposed to be. Today,
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