Rehabilitation Prisons Essay

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Ronnie Hardison 10/6/12 Dr. Moore Rehabilitation Prisons In today’s society the prison system is run of the theory of rehabilitation. The primary goal of rehabilitation in prisons was to reform the prisoners from committing crimes and assisting them in starting normal lives without any criminal activities. The rehabilitation process would was meant to reduce the number of repeat offenders who return to jail after not being able to have a normal life outside of jail. In the old days this system worked very okay, and in today’s society there is more opportunity for rehabilitation, but the prisons still have major problems. The founder of rehabilitation is William Penn. In 1779 the Penitentiary Act was passed. This act recommended imprisonment as an alternative sentence to the death penalty. This was the precedent for the making of rehabilitation prisons, and rehabilitation centers. The punishment went from being put to death for almost any crime to now a days only be put to death for the most serious of offenses. In today’s society rehabilitation centers are used quite frequently. Public rehabilitation centers are less expensive than private centers. One of the major problems in society is drug use, addiction, and abuse. In today’s society the drug rehabilitation centers are becoming more and more commonly used. Drugs continue to be in our society; public drug rehabilitation centers get their funding from government sources, which makes it easier for the public to access the facilities, and makes it easier for the centers to handle the population of consumers. There are many different prison systems; minimum, low, medium, high, correctional, and administrative. As a result of rehabilitation becoming a part of prison and the main goal of the prison, many inmates leave with high recidivism rates after serving a substantial number of years in jail. One of the
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