Rehabilitation In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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01 December 2011 Misleading Reality of the Ward Psychiatric hospitals, other well known as wards, are institutions that treat the mentally ill. The patients admitted into these wards attend group and individual therapy sessions to interact and reflect to undergo improvements ( In the novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest scribed by Ken Kesey, the ward is portrayed as a microcosm of the outside world. This psychiatric hospital in Oregon is peculiar in a sense that it boycotts all codes of conduct that these institutions abide by. After analyzing the ward, it is verified that this center is seen as a detriment rather than rehabilitation. This is exhibited throughout the book infinite times through therapy sessions, medical strategies and Nurse Ratched’s team of aggressive Black Boys. Group meetings are a form of therapy conducted by a medical counselor; it permits patients to interact with each other, giving them the opportunity to relate, so they do not feel completely alone ( Nurse Ratched, who is referred to as an “angel of…show more content…
This is viewed through the group meetings, medical strategies and Nurse Ratched and her aggressive team of Black Boys. The group meetings were filled with shame in guilt from the patients only to pleasure Nurse Ratched. The medical strategies were performed on those who were completely sane and those who turned physically mental because of it, to satisfy Nurse Ratched and keep the order in her ward. Lastly, Nurse Ratched’s tactic of fear resulted in Billy committing suicide and because of the physical torment by the Black Boys McMurphy willingly took the electroshock, which in a sense is admitting to doing wrong since he is punishing himself. The ward is a perfect example of a place of detriment, without caregivers, no sense of hope, and abusive aids, which trigger fear, shame and
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