Rehabilitation Counseling: Annotated Bibliography

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Introduction to Rehabilitation Counseling, Unit 2 Article Review This article chronicled an African American families’ experience with autism consisting of the discovery, diagnosis, and treatment. African American children have comparable prevalence rates of autism as White children, but are diagnosed later. Individuals that suffer from autism are frequently not able to fully contribute society. Autism affects communication and social adaptability with symptoms varying depending upon age and developmental level (American Psychiatric Association [APA], 2000). There are no medical tests that accurately diagnose autism. Scientists are examining the human genome for possible clues concerning the susceptibility on certain genes/chromosomes…show more content…
African Americans are less likely to receive treatment and African American children diagnosed with autism are less likely to receive regular medical and diagnostic services that their White counterparts (Yeargin-Allsopp et al., 2003). Unfortunately this article did not contain any breakthrough information, but simply laid a foundation for greater research. However, this article did fill a void in existing literature because African Americans are rarely researched with this topic. The research literature lacks a discussion on the long-term implications of racism and discrimination as an understudied area of research on autism among African Americans (Gourdine, Baffour, & Teasley,…show more content…
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