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Rehabilitation Paper Ebony Fortune CJA/234 June 17, 2014 Rehabilitation Paper In reading this paper i will be defining rehabilitation in prison, proving the definition of parole and how it differs from minatory release, the definition of probation and how it compares to other forms of sentencing. Furthermore I will also be defining and optioning of community corrections, while critiquing the option of rehabilitation. While proving you with better solutions to current parole process, solutions to better current probation system, and solutions to community corrections options. According to the West's Encyclopedia of American law the definition of rehabilitation in prison is the process of restoration of prisoners’ former rights, authority, or abilities in other words preparing the prisoner for a productive life upon release from prison. Rehabilitation in prison techniques vary according to the nature of the prisoner, the type of crime committed, and the institution in question. Techniques diverge from educational and vocational training to help the prisoner learn a skill for use outside the prison, to psychological rehabilitation. Helping the prisoner deal with various problems as an individual, such as mental issues, health and Drug-addiction, prisoners can also receive treatment for their condition in most prisons. Rehabilitation takes place inside prison, and in some cases, upon his/her release from prison, on Resettlement Programs such as being placed in half way houses, community service, probation or parole terms. All these programs help prisoners as a condition of their early release, or to affluence the transition into the community. The origins of rehabilitation begin in 1779 the British Government passed the Penitentiary Act, according to Ministry of Justice ,which made the rehabilitation of criminals a purpose of all prisons. Since then,

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