Regulating a New Epidemic: Spice in America Essay

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Regulating a New Epidemic: Spice in America Stephanie Brush Ivy Tech Community College 10/31/2013 Regulating a New Epidemic: Spice in America Virtually every day, Americans can open a newspaper or turn on the news channel to view accounts on the growing substance abuse problem. No longer primarily isolated to larger cities, many cases are also now reported in local suburban or rural communities. This could be happening due to the emergence of a newer class of psychoactive drugs in the past decade which the internet made fairly available (Mycyk, 2012). They are sometimes known as designer drugs, but are more commonly called synthetic drugs. Though there are several different classes of these substances, one form in particular has become attractive for people motivated to avoid drug detection, such as adolescents wanting to experiment, military personnel, or people working in occupations associated with mandatory drug testing (Linday, 2012). This substance is formally called synthetic cannabinoid, or synthetic marijuana, but is commonly coined "spice" or "K2" (McGuinness, F.A.A.N., & Newell, 2012). Like most drugs, there are many dangers associated with its use. Therefore, the regulation issue inevitably comes into play. Is the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act (2012), recently passed and containing provisions under Section 1152 to Federally ban synthetic cannabinoid agents, an adequate measure in itself to control the sale and use of spice? Should additional laws be established by the individual States that contain more specific verbiage? Or is it possible that users only seek an undetectable, freely-available "synthetic high" because non-synthetic marijuana is not Federally legal nor lawful within their home State? Though the toxicity of spice is not yet fully known, it's dangerous and sometimes deadly symptoms seem to indicate that

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