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Registered Nurse Registered nurses play a significant role in promoting healthy lifestyles. They serve as educator for individuals, families, patients, and communities. The article “Get a Nursing License” states that “to become a registered nurse, one should be capable of planning assessing and evaluating total patient care.” Registered Nurses could work in hospitals, home health agencies, clinics, schools, and nursing homes. Key components to become a Registered Nurse are experience and education. Moreover, the reason this career is right for me is because I am a natural caretaker and I absolutely love helping people. Being a Registered Nurse is a stable career and the pay is great. In addition, not only do RNs get paid well, but there is a demand for nurses. Registered nursing is one of the fastest growing career fields. Louis Hang states that “because of the nursing shortage five hundred and eighty thousand new jobs are projected to be opening from 2006 to 2016, increasing the current number of positions by twenty three percent.” Nursing is the largest occupation in healthcare, with the majority working in full time positions. Most Registered Nurses can be found working in teams for healthcare facilities some of the positions involve little or no direct patient care. However, the general responsibilities of a RN include observing and recording patient medical history and symptoms. They also establish a plan of care for patients or they add to an existing one then they put the plan into action. RNs also manage and assign tasks to licensed practical nurses and nursing assistants. And they also advise and provide emotional support for patients and their families. There are a number of educational programs available to become a RN. According to the article “Nursing Job Descriptions”, “the main degree programs are hospital diploma, associates degree in nursing,

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