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Registered Nurse Career Research 1. Nature of work: • Registered Nurses usually work in hospitals, walk-in clinics, prisons, schools etc. • They supervise practical nurses and other caring personal; registered nurses require more education then practical nurses. • They examine patient’s physical, mental and emotional health status, such as blood pressure, temperature and basic physical exams. • Nurses educate patients about medical options and educate them about health issues like nutrition, personal hygiene and lifestyle choices. ( • Most registered nurse choose to specialize in different medical procedures such as surgeries, obstetrics care, psychiatric care, critical care, paediatrics, geriatrics, community health, occupational health, emergency care, rehabilitation or oncology.( • Overall, being a nurse is physical and emotionally demanding, it requires a lot of physical activities, standing, bending, lifting and a lot of moving around. It can get emotionally demanding when; -Working with severely ill or dying patients, but it can also be very rewarding. ( -Being in contact with patients with contagious diseases such as hepatitis, tuberculosis and infectious material that can cause illnesses. 2. Salary range and hours: • Registered nurses who work full-time make anywhere from 40,000$ to 75,000$ doing 35-45 hours without over-time. ( • Some nurses earn extra money by working on-call, which is doing extra hours by being called in to work when workplaces are in need. • Registered nurses are paid under “nurses unions”, their hourly wage and benefits are negotiated with their unions. Most nurses paid under unions make more money than nurses who don’t belong in unions. 3. Employment in the field: ( 2008) • The

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