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A response structure for the ‘personal experience’ question... Restate question in own words: Does the play show that it is how people act as individuals (their past, education, etc) that is the main thing behind the choices they make? Is it the only reason? Brainstorm findings, (my introduction): In mid 1950s America, when the Korean War had ended in an unglamorous draw, when Senator Joe McCarthy labelled people UnAmerican and Communism vied with rock’n’roll as the fear inducements of the middle classes, Reginald Rose set his play about the choices people make. Through the construction of the characters in the play, Reginald Rose explores how experience (BP1) and human nature (BP2) are partnered with social pressures (BP3) to form decisions.…show more content…
For example (body paragraph 2 of my brainstorm): T In addition to exploring, through the back-stories of his characters, how people make decisions based on their personal history, Reginald Rose also presents characters that found their decision on reasons that can be best described as their innate nature. E It is through the characters of the Foreman, Juror 7 and Juror 10 that the audience most clearly sees that some people cannot explain why they act the way they do. While several jurors change their mind according to the evidence presented, these three key characters hold their views without ever explaining…show more content…
It is difficult to tell why these jurors or the defendant acted how they did just as many people would now struggle to explain the fear of Communism that pervaded America at the time Rose wrote the play. Rose invites the audience to question their own motives, to inveigle some reason for their feelings on matters as wide ranging as those facing a 1950s audience – fear of those who are different, wars nations wage and celebrity trials – in the hope of finding some

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