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Regewefvfevwfedv Essay

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wrdefects and had no chance of surviving into adulthood. It was David's need to protect Norah from the sorrows of raising a child such as his sister that forced him to give Phoebe away, not understanding how the death of a child would impact his wife, or any mother. At the same time, David acting as if the baby was never born causes Norah to turn away from him as he begins to frustrate and anger her as the years go by.

As David's lies remain hidden, he turns to photography as a means to create some semblance of control in his life, using it to capture what he feels is life around him. He becomes obsessed to the point of alienating Norah even more, while Norah discovers "interests" outside the home, with detrimental results.

The book advances through several decades of changes, as the reader is introduced to Bree, Norah's free-spirited sister in the midst of the turbulent 1960s. Al, a truck driver who happened to be there that lonely night when Caroline was supposed to have taken the baby away, ends up being an integral part of Caroline and Phoebe's life. Ironically, David's decision to get rid of their child to protect his wife actually ruins their lives, while it brings hope to Caroline, a lonely spinster who didn't know if she ever would find true happiness. As she fights to give Phoebe the best life she can, Caroline grows from a meek and insecure woman to one of strength and self-assuredness. Norah also becomes a stronger woman despite the loss of her baby

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