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Chapter One – Regeneration Chapter One of ‘Regeneration’ by Pat Barker introduces the reader to the main characters that will feature in the novel and gives us an insight of their backgrounds and sets up the story for later in the novel. We are made aware of the setting and time period of the novel during this extract as well. The novel is written in a homo-social form as the author is a female so she takes feminine attributes and places them upon men so therefore it is a feminine, homo-social novel. The openings of both the novel and the extract begins with a first person narrative which is a real historical document by Siegfried Sassoon. It is a politically based text of sedition which gives a clear sense of atmosphere and mood. The text establishes a connection with the reader, as it makes us feel that Sassoon is speaking directly to the reader, which helps us form a personal connection with Sassoon. Some could say that this introduction is an example of borrowed authority, as due to the fact that Barker is a woman, the addition of a historical document adds an element of authority and credibility. During Chapter One the reader learns that this novel is set in WW1 Britain and is focused on the internal complex military and personal relationships and the psychological trauma that is associated with war. The extract introduces us to the main characters of Siegfried Sassoon who was a solider that publically criticised the British military and Sargent Rivers who is an Army Doctor, who specialises in Psychoanalysis at a Military Psychiatric unit called Craiglockhart, which is where Sassoon is to be sent in order to discredit him and in turn his critical article on the British military. The characters of Chapter One are very diverse and show the complexity of relationships and personalities within the military establishment. Firstly we are introduced to both

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