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Regenexx Essay

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Can stem cells be used as a running stress fracture treatment in an elite track athlete? Cydonie Mothersill is an elite track athlete and gold medalist at the 2010 Commonwealth games, 2010 Mayaguez, and CARIFTA games. After her great performance at the Commonwealth Games in 2010, she was within striking range of a medal in the 200M at the London Olympics. When our stem cell lab opened in the Cayman Islands last year, we were told that the Cayman government wanted us to see Cydonie to keep her running. She initially presented to us with a non-healing tibial stress fracture, Achilles tendonitis, and a hip labrum tear. Any of these injuries could have been career ending for an elite runner. The difficulties in treating Cydonie were the same as with any elite athlete; all of her non-invasive treatment had to be fit in and around her high level running and training. However, had Cydonie gone the traditional orthopedic surgery route, her surgical hip labrum repair and bone grafting, or fixation for the stress fracture (or being off training for 6 months) would have taken her out of an entire season. While for a younger runner, losing a season to heal multiple injuries might have been chalked up to experience; at 32 with her last Olympics looming, this wasn’t an option for Cydonie. Instead, Dr. Hanson went to work using a Regenexx-SD stem cell injection treatment for her hip and tibial stress fracture and followed that up with Regenexx-C treatments. Can a running stress fracture be treated with stem cells? We’ve demonstrated proof of concept by publishing a case series of non-healing fractures that we treated successfully only with an injection of stem cells. We’ve also posted many cases showing that we can help the hip labrum heal through a very precise injection of the patient’s own stem cells into the labral tear. Within a few weeks, the pain and swelling from the tibial stress began to subside and the hip pain was gone. I then saw her again in the Cayman Islands in...

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