Refugees of the Global Economy

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A- Uprooted: Refugees of the Global Economy 1,Main point of the movie: The global economy has forced people to leave their home countries to survival. 2,Connection to Devil’s Highway I think that the connection between “Uprooted: Refugees of the Global Economy” and “ Devil’s Highway” is that people come to the United States to survival. They want to have a better life here because they had a hard life in their home countries. However, It is not too easy to live in the United States. They have to face with many challenges here. For example, they have to work hard, but get less money. They also have to work jobs that dirty, physically because they do not have legal document. They do not have human rights. 3,Reactions and response to the movie The movie “ Uprooted: Refugees of the global economy” gave me a clear picture about immigrants from the Philippines, Bolivia, and Haiti who, as victims of globalization, unhappily left their country for the U.S. I felt upset about a couple from Bolivia, both technical engineers who owned a factory, were victims of free trade that devalued the Bolivian currency. The Bolivian economy crashed, and their factory had to be closed. They both came to California without their two young children, and it took between two and four years before the family was reunited in the U.S. he father is a janitor, and the mother works with immigrants. I understood the feeling of parents that had to live separate their children. Especially, their children were still little. I also had to live far my parents for 5 years when I moved to the big city to study. They really worried for me because I had to live alone there. When I was sick, nobody stayed by my side to take care of me. My parents felt regret when letting me live alone. However, because of my future, they had to do that. B-Bacon’s article Answer to the specific questions about the
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