Refugees Issue Presetation Essay

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Should Australian government limit to accept refugees? Argument for-As a democracy, we have to respect the human rights of refugees and help them as more as possible-The government should accept the refugees which is by the law from UN. | Argument against-Australian government is out of reach to resettle the refugees; the number of the refugees who come into should be limited.-When the total of accepted refugees is out of control, they would be the instability of the society.- | Speech: Hello everyone, the issue that ive work about is should the austrlian government limit the number of taking refugees. A refugee is the person who is subject to persecution in their home country, who is typically outside their home country, and is in need of resettlement. The majority of applicants who are considered under this category are identified and refried by UNHCR (the united nations high commissioner for refugees) to Australia for resettlement. Since 1921, Australia has been involved in the international response to the refugee situation. Australia is becoming to an asylum that excess load and right now, Australia obviously out of reach for resettled refugees. The government has to provide the general need for live and the refugees need to take around 1 or 2 years to get the permanent visa to stay in Australia. The process takes a long time and the government has much more payment for that. The situation at the present is, the Australian government send most of the refugees to the other 21 UNHCR countries then pay to those country government. The people who support to limit the number of refugees they think when the total of refugees is out of control they’ll be the instability of the society. A study shows that the most of crimes are by the refugees. And most of the refugees haven’t been educated so they cant really get on with Australian local people and fit into

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