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Good afternoon everyone, I am sure you’re all aware of Australia’s refugee situation. For the last few years, thousands of refugees have arrived on our shores and many have been given temporary refuge in detention centres, both onshore and offshore like; especially places like Manus Island and Nauru. Among these refugees are many children. Whilst some argue that children are also coming to Australia illegally and deserve to be treated the same as the adults, my line of argument is that child refugees should not be held in detention centres, for a number of reasons. First of all, detaining these children indefinitely in detention centres is inhumane. They are often separated from their parents and are housed in cramped living conditions very much like a jail. Their sleeping and eating arrangements are far from satisfactory. The concrete boxes they are imprisoned in are terrible in both hot and cold conditions, some of them are housed in large overcrowded camps. Why should they be treated as criminals when they are really the victims? Besides they miss out on a normal childhood with opportunities for play, education, future employment a social life. They should be allowed to maintain their cultural traditions as it should be kept on being passed down to the next generation and so on. Therefor keeping them in detention centres like caged animal is cruel and unacceptable. Secondly, life in detention centres is unsafe for these children. Although Prime Minister Tony Abbot claims that the number of children in detention centres has decreased compared to the figures during the previous government. The reality is that 98% of children from Iraq are still in detention centres and many of them have attempted to commit suicide or self-harm others have died from malnutrition and a lack of medical treatment. These children are at grave risk of suffering from physical and sexual

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