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Refugees and Immigrants Sang Nguyen 3/10/15 Per. 4 A refugee is an involuntary immigrant who is forced to leave the homeland because political, religious, or ethnic persecution. An immigrant voluntarily chooses to emigrate and start life anew in another country. Seadoc uses the term Southeast Asian Americans to refer to refugees and immigrants from the countries: Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. The reason why reduces came to the United States are related to the complicated history of their homelands. Western nations have been interested in colonizing Southeast Asians for centuries due to its straight political location and natural resources. The experience of Southeast Asian immigrants and refugees will be discussed. On UCI's Irvine Library's website ethnic groups, economic experiences, and the initial departure in 1975 will be discussed. In 1975 1.2 million Southeast Asians have left they homelands and arrived in the U.S. Before 1975, Southeast Asians in the U.S. were primarily sponsored by states and mostly in the elite class. Although Southeast Asians are dispersed throughout the world, Volga camps are where the largest communities are located. When a small group of people coming in at each time to the U.S., it is called a "Wave of Departure." The elite class immigrants and refugees were the only ones able to immigrate before 1975. The majority of the refugees arrived between 1975 and 1980. The U.S. State Department planned emergency evacuation by air and sea for it’s alludes during the last day of the war. This was called the "Evacuation of the United States." The ethnic group Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam were based at the geographical diversity of the Southeast Asian region. Here are three reasons what caused Southeast Asians to immigrate to the U.S.: foreign intervention, neighboring animosities, and internal power struggles. The perspective hides the

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