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Recently, the effectiveness of eliminating refugee problem by current methods has been doubted by public. According to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the number of refugees in 2011 was 15.2 million (2012, 4). In this decade, the number of refugees was stable. Refugee refers to an individual who leaves his own country because of persecution from a variety of reasons, such as, race, religion and political reason in undeveloped countries and area, mostly in Africa and Asia. Effectiveness is defined as the short term achievement of the methods. This essay will argue that the three methods of alleviating refugee problem are effective. The three measures are voluntary repatriation, Protection Visa, and humanitarian assistance. First of all, voluntary repatriation is effective in eliminating refugee problem. It can be defined as the willing return to the country of origin of refugees. Referring to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, ninety two thousand refugees were willingly repatriated last year (year unknown, internet). When a wide range of situations terminated, which includes wars, conflicts and other persecutions, the most suitable way for refugees is to return home because adaptation of a new environment is not required. If the measures of protection visa or resettlement are used, refugees will be requested to adapt the new conditions and environment by many requirements and conditions forced by the authorities, for example, mandatory immigration detention in some countries. Moreover, immigration detention is not required if voluntary repatriation is used as a measure in eliminating refugee problem. Therefore, refugees are benefited from being avoided from immigration detention since immigration detention has a negative effect on physical and mental health (Lorek, Ehntholt, Nesbitt, Wey, Githinji, Rossor & Wickramasinghe, 2009,

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