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It is clear that the international regime for protection of refugees is presently facing a number of challenges. The ever-increasing numbers of refugees (which include the internally displaced people) have made many governments reluctant to grant asylum. But despite this we need to keep in mind that the refugees are the most vulnerable people in the world. In addition to their misery of being without nationality they are not being spared of violation of the minimum rights that they are entitled to. In the countries like Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Tibet, Bhutan and also in some other countries the issues of violation have come to light, but there are number of places where the media is suppressed so that the violation of human rights does not come to light. The number of the refugees (excluding the internally displaced population) in the world is reducing but the fact is that the decrease in the number is not solely because of less refugee producing situations but it is also the result of the stricter laws of the countries for migration. As a result of this the IDP’s are increasing and their situation in their countries is worse as the international organizations are unable to provide assistance because the governments do not want the world to know of the situation in their country. The refugee problem will continue to challenge the international community, till the refugee producing States would not maintain their commitment to the protection of the citizens of their country and encourage tolerance towards diversity. Also, the root cause of the refugee producing situation should be studied as well as rectified. If human rights violations are the main cause of these problems then the international bodies must put in more efforts to prevent these violations. It is true that the refugee problem will continue to exist till the states take the responsibility to solve

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