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Refugees are people who are fleeing their country from bad situations such as war, famine and persecution. They become refugees when they leave the borders of their native country. There have been refugees for a very long time, there always will. In the past not many people have helped or cared for the refugees, but now we are starting to find out just what refugees need. In the refugee camps they have started to provide more food and medical care. Some things to think about are what happens to refugees? Where do they come from? Where do they go? Who helps them? Refugees leave their countries because of very bad conditions; most of those refugees go into worse conditions. When those people enter another country they lose all of their qualifications for a job. This means that no matter how skilled they were or are at their profession they probably will not get the same job. Many times they leave nice lives with well-paid jobs. Often the children of the families suffer the most because they have to start working to support their family. Sometimes the parents get sick or die from the harsh conditions they have to live and work in, and then the children are the only ones supporting the family. Sometimes it is hard to tell where the refugees would be better off, back home where they know people but there is war or in unfamiliar place and maybe better conditions. Refugees come from many different places, but they do not have very many choices about where they should go. Refugees can come from any country that is in war, famine or prosecution. After refugees leave their country they do not have many choices of where to go, they could go to refugee camps or find a place to live. Refugee camps not long ago were dirty and crowded, now they are not too much better but at least they try and provide food, water and medical services. Hundreds of

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