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Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee Topic Area A: Rights of Refugees In a United Nations report at the end of 2008, there were about 42 million forcibly displaced people world wide this including 26 million internally displaced persons, 15.2 million refugees and 827,000 asylum seekers with cases pending. The causes of these displacements include religious persecution, ethnic discrimination, civil unrest, and human rights violations. In December 14th 1950 the General Assembly created a statue mandating the creation of the office of the High Commissioner for Refugees with the ability to have a defined focus on the refugee problem and to intermediate all of the many refugees efforts by UN and NGO’s organizations. Since the founding of the UN and the UNHCR, the refugee problem has been expanding, more complicated and always requiring new and improved strategies to solve the crisis. The United Nations at present day faces the monumental task of soliciting both financial and asylum support from member nations of recognizing the institutional management of the refugee crisis and of implementing initiatives that will provide lasting solutions to the troubles of over 42 million asylum seekers. But the big question is with limited manpower and resources, how should the UN allocate and prioritize the resources they do have in order to solve the worlds continuing refugee crisis? The greater solution rest in determining an organizational structure and division of responsibility amongst relevant UN’s agencies and NGO’s that most efficiently and effectively achieves a

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