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Canada and Australia are accepting increasing numbers of refugees and asylum seekers whom have survived horrific torture and trauma in their homeland. Children under 14 years, form a significant proportion of this most vulnerable population. “Children are both the direct and indirect targets during wars. They are directly affected by violence aimed at them and their families; they are indirectly affected by the distress caused to their families; they may be internally displaced or find themselves crossing borders as asylum seekers” (Yule, 2000, p.695). The children’s experiences of war prevent their development in a socially stable environment. Large migrations of people are caused by war and persecution. There are estimates that there are 23 million refugees in the world. Britain has around 120,000 of these, with the majority living in inner London. At the turn of the 21st century there were 50,000 refugee children, in the U.K, under the age of 18. Many of these are unaccompanied- nearly 500 in 1995 (Hodes, 1998, p.793a). These children require healthcare that includes physical, mental, cultural and social. Firstly, this paper will identify, and report on the health needs of these children who have been displaced from their countries of origin under crisis conditions, and are living in the United Kingdom (U.K). Secondly, this paper will discuss the ‘Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion’ strategies, of enabling, mediation and advocacy as a framework for health promotion of these refugee children, in the United Kingdom. The essay will question whether the U.K. does meet the health needs of refugee children. This paper is limited by the literature, which largely defines children as being under 18, yet the essay question requests ages 0-14 years. The second part of the essay is also limited to discussing healthcare provision for refugees that live in the community, as

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