Reflectiveaccount On Medication Essay

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Case study for HSC375 Level 3 Administer Medication to individuals This shows how the case studies relate to the PCs and KS Remember to only use the individual’s initials to protect their confidentiality What are the needs of the individual, their medication needs and your role in assisting them. |The need of the client is level 2 support with administration of medication | |The medication administer is the analgesic in tablet form | |My role in the administration is to assist with opening of the bottle and measure syrup and tablet for dispensing | |Unit/PC/KS |Describe how you prepare to assist the individual with their medication, following legal and organisational procedures. | |HSC 375a | | |1/2/4/5/6/7/8 |When i administer medication, i first inform the client about the medication time. Then i seek consent o access the Mar SHEET, | | |and then read through the medication for administration at the time and the form of medication usually syrup and tablet for oral | | |administration. I brought out the dose box from the locked cupboard. When all is set, i wash my hands. Confirm the name an also | |KS 1/2/3/23 |that the tablet was still in the box. | | | |

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