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Case Study Reflective Supervision Report Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For An Individual With Early Onset Psychosis Word Count 2700 Introduction This assignment will focus on the interaction between clinical supervision and the use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with a young person experiencing early onset psychosis. The study will demonstrate the knowledge and the critical application of theory to practice, analysing how the clinical supervision process informed and influenced my thinking, planning, interventions and evaluations of care. The names and any identifying information of those people included in this report have been changed in order to maintain confidentiality. The young person will be referred to as James. Psychological interventions for the management of psychotic symptoms have been available for over thirty years, though it is only since the 1990’s that recognition and acceptance of the value of these treatment approaches were acknowledged (Garety et al 2008). In the past, much scepticism has plagued the acceptance of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and other psychological interventions as a valid and effective treatment for psychosis. In contrast, clinical supervision has been an important feature of professional activity for people working in psychotherapy and counselling over the last 35 years at least (Lewis 2002). Clinical supervision as a concept is difficult to define, but can be seen as a process which is about joint ownership and collaboration (Kitchiner et al 2006). Supervision Process The course was designed to incorporate the supervision process within a group design that would meet every fortnight at UWE . This comprised of the CBT supervisor and three supervisees. Fortunately, my fellow supervisees were based in teams that worked with young people who experienced first episode psychosis. One

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