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Stage 3: REFLECTIVE STATEMENT How was your understanding of cultural and contextual considerations of the work developed through the interactive oral? To the better understanding of ‘Metamorphosis’ the seminar we had discussing different aspects of he story was integral to our better understanding of it. When reading ‘Metamorphosis’ there are many aspects of it that we as readers just had to accept were true and the more we learned about Kafka’s life and some of the people who have inspired him the more sense it started to make; we began to understand the thoughts behind it. Aspects of Gregor’s family in ‘Metamorphosis’ resemble Kafka’s family so much that we can say they are parallel. It reflects most of Kafka’s relation with his father who in both story and real life is a tyrannical figure who was mean towards his children and wife. Gregor’s mother is a well meaning and sensible but submissive woman who is not strong enough to cope with her husband’s brutality. Once again similar to Kafka’s own mother who was better educated then his father, took care of his business and yet obeyed him no matter what. The only member of Kafka’s family that he was close to was his sister and that is true in ‘Metamorphosis’, however both Gregor’s and Kafka’s sister end up betraying their brothers, Kafka’s, by going against his writing and Gregor’s by being the first one to demand his removal of the house. Kafka was influenced by various different philosophers, one of them being Froid. Froid broke with the traditional thought saying that the human behavior was instinctual. Even though Gregor seems to accept that he is now an insect we see that some of his actions say otherwise. He may look like an insect but he is still thinking like a human and acting in humanly ways showing that his instinctive side is going against his rational side. ‘Metamorphosis’ will always hold a

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