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1. Introduction The term ‘human resource management’, Bratton and Gold (2007) have suggested that is a strategic approach to leveraging people’s capabilities by achieving competitive advantage, which involves a distinctive set of integrated employment programs, policies and practices. As a subject of HRM student, massive skills, knowledge and competencies have to be adroitly grasped and applied in reality. To understand this specific field, it is not only depending on teaching, but also depending on individual strengths, weaknesses and external opportunities and threats. In following parts, I will analyze my SWOT in different areas in terms of group working, presentation skills as well as critical thinking skills 1.1 My Strengths According to my previous working experiences, my colleagues and line managers claimed that I was a good listener, diligence in assessing businesses with which I dealt and good ‘people’ skills by dealing with tricky issues both on internal business and on external business. Since I have attended classes in Brookes, I have taken advantage of my merits that I mentioned above in team work which assists me to work with members smoothly. Moreover, playing a team sport taught me to respect all members who come from different background and education, have ability of being able to motivate and involve all team players and be a active member regardless of the point is elegant or not. 1.2 My Weakness One of my challenges is the academic level of language, which can be observed by doing presentations. I feel nervous and unconfident when doing a speech in front of students. Because of this, I am sometimes not able to express myself concisely and clearly. I also struggle to write essays or reports professionally in coursework. Lack of critical thinking skills is another weakness, which can be found within group work, I do not question,

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