Reflective Practice of Gibbs Essay

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Description & feeling In beginning of my night shift, right after endorsement was taken from day shift I started assessing my patients and resume to work as usual. Patient’s name is X was assigned to one of my colleague, supposing to receive pre hydration of chemotherapy at day shift, while my colleague will persist on starting chemotherapy thence post hydration after completion of chemotherapy. She found that patient was already ongoing fluid of post hydration (contains high alert drug). My colleague then, shared this issue with me. I had the fear in me, which this could relate to a medication error. We quickly reacted by confirming the fluid which is ongoing and the ordered fluid as pre hydration in the chemotherapy written order, as well on ICIS. We then ratify the fluid was started as post hydration of chemotherapy instead of pre hydration fluid. Subsequently, we notify to Doctor Oncall, pharmacy and written an SRS. Evaluation & analysis From this example, I’ve been brought up towards attentiveness on medication error. These issue has alert me to be more conscious on patients with chemotherapy and any drug, to always practice hospital drug policy and 6 rights. Conclusion &action plan This issue was discussed in meeting to grow an awareness to prevent error. The error could be prevented by practicing and emphasizing the 6 rights and reviewing medication policy again. To minimize the error and the unit can create teamwork to continually reminding each other while on duty to ensure 6 rights were done before medications are administered. Also not forgetting, to always practice bed side hand over as routine.

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