Reflective Practice Essay

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Introduction The fundamental purpose of reflective practice is to enable the practitioner to interpret an experience in order to learn from it (Johns 1995).The aim of this reflective study is to demonstrate my awareness of the skills and influences that underpin effective communication and consultation, in order to formulate strategies to enhance patient medication concordance. Reflective practice is a positive active process that reviews, analyses and evaluates experiences. It enables a practitioner to draw on theoretical concepts or previous learning and so provides an action plan for future experiences (Jasper 2003). This reflective cycle will increase my knowledge and skills in order to improve clinical practice and future challenges as a nurse prescriber. To assist in the process of reflection I will utilise Gibbs (1988) model of reflection as a guide through the reflective process. I am comfortable using this model as the framework provides a structured approach and combines knowledge, feelings and action in one cycle. To protect the identity and maintain confidentiality of the patient I have chosen to address him as ‘Arthur’, this is in accordance with the NMC Code of Professional Conduct (2008). Description Whilst with my mentor in the out of hour’s service we were asked to carry out a home visit on an 80 year old gentlemen who lived alone and was complaining of shortness of breath. Arthur was already known to my mentor as he was one of his patients. As we were traveling to the patient’s home my mentor asked me to lead on the consultation which I was confident to do. This provided an opportunity for my mentor to observe my consultation skills in an environment I felt comfortable in, Arthur answered the door and recognising his general practitioner invited us in. I introduced myself and explained my role and why I was with the general

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