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REFLECTIVE PRACTICE WITHIN A SPORT MANAGEMENT CONTEXT INTRODUCTION Entering the Sport and Fitness management Foundation Degree could be a complex process in the framework of my professional development. The part played by reflection practices in this context is very important. Therefore, in this essay, I explore reflective practice and the elements of critical reflection, and I reflect on my experiences of learning using the reflective practice and a critical reflection approach to better understand my professional development. This reflective paper is written from my personal perspective using Gibb’s model of critical reflection to provide a framework to reflect, explore and learn from my own experiences. In addition, I offer my reflection about my experience of learning to use a critical reflection approach to integrate theory and practice. . As a student, I understand that in order to develop professionally , I need to set up my goals and I need to analyze my strength and weaknesses. Much of this is achieved by being actively involved in reflective practice. Through reflection, I can focus my thoughts on my experiences, gain greater understanding of learning practice, become more aware of the knowledge and skills that I have developed, identify my strengths and areas for development, develop an action plan for future practice. Dewey (1938) states that while we cannot learn or be taught to think, we do have to learn how to think well and especially to acquire the practice of reflection. To use knowledge critically we do not accept the situation at “face value”. This requires the ability to look beneath the surface to see what may influence the situation, resulting in

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