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DEAKIN UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF HEALTH HNM703 Contexts of Midwifery Practice WENDY ELLEN TAYLOR ASSIGNMENT 2 Due 6th September 2013 Word Count 1436 The concept of Reflective practice is built upon the foundation of lifelong learning. Reflection implies thoughtful consideration of a situation or event that has taken place with the intention of understanding and learning from it and changing or improving future actions (Taylor, 2006). Throughout this essay reflective practice will be discussed in relation to midwives and the delivery of maternity care services. Reflective practice involves looking at a situation or event and assessing what you have learnt from it, what could have been done differently, gain understanding and make changes to practice (Clark, 2009). Furthermore reflection has been described as an active, continual and careful consideration of any belief or presumed form of knowledge (Dewey, 1933). Reid further suggests that “Reflection is a process of reviewing an experience of practice in order to describe, analyse, evaluate and so inform learning about practice” (1993 p.305). According to Boud, Keogh and Walker (1995), effective learning will not occur unless one reflects. Several models of reflection exist and are used to draw lessons out of experience. Donald Schon (1983) introduced the concept of reflection in practice. He highlighted the idea that reflection is a way in which professionals can bridge the theory-practice gap. He also suggested there are two forms of reflection. Reflection in action is where an issue or situation is identified whilst still working. Reflection on action is retrospective reflection on one’s practice. Constant reflection on action will encourage the development of the skill of reflection in action. Since Schon developed the reflective practice concept, it has become a significant component of healthcare practice.

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