Reflective Practice Essay

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Reflective practice is simply the process in which you critically think about and analyze your actions with the goal of changing and improving your actions and practice. [ The process of "reflective practice" is not by any means new or pertinent only to adult social care. It is a renewed emphasis on self evaluation to help attain your highest possible degree of acceptable performance. It might be how you teach, how you run, how you care for your child.... Best practice standards relative to your field of expertise, in this case adult social care, are the most effective standards that are widely agreed upon as providing the most current thinking and practice against which you can measure what you are doing. The basis for best practice standards may be derived from various sources including statutory, regulatory, research, or industry specific. The most important concept here is that you, as an individual, routinely monitor your processses, practices and outcomes and then make changes based on your evaluation compared to the "best practice standards" for adult social care. It can be compared to doing your own annual evaluation at work, but on a frequent basis, always striving for improvement. Here are some I statements often applied to reflective practice: *I monitor my processes, practices and outcomes of my work. *I evaluate my own performance using "best practice" benchmarks. *I reflect on my interactions with others. *I share my reflections with others and incorporate their feedback in my evaluation. *I use reflection to solve problems. Go to google and do some reading and you can answer this question quite well. It isn't magic, it isn't new, it's just a reminder that without constant measurement against the best, identifying any differences you may find, and striving to be the one setting the bar for others to reach, you can slip into a non-dynamic type of
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