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Reflective Paper Ruby Martinez February 2, 2011 BSHS/345 Special Population are those who perceived has having a huge disadvantages when they are compared to the rest of the population. Some of the special population are people who live in poverty, women, and elderly people. These special population have many challenges and barriers that they have to overcome to succeed. Some of the challenges are very difficult that most of the time they just give up and continue their life without trying to change. Poverty is one of the biggest challenges people have to face to keep themselves out of poverty or remove themselves from poverty. According to "Understanding the Nature of Poverty" (2009), "Generational poverty occurs in families where at least two generations have been born into poverty. Families living in this type of poverty are not equipped with the tools to move out of their situations.” Generational poverty creates a strong family oriented environment that is a bond that children refuse to break and leave the family. One of the characteristics of poverty is the large size families, more children, means more money. The older children are responsible for the younger children in the family. The men in the family works, and the mom is person who will stay home clean, and take care of the children. Most of the children in poverty family lack on education. Families in poverty fear that the children will leave the household because they have an education that’s the reason why they don’t send them to school. Another factor that poverty children don’t have an education is because many times the children have to look out for their siblings. Parents hold their children like a possessions. Children who do go to school during the summer they don’t have any education practice, when they return to school their grade leaves are low. Middle class children education

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