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Reflective Paper

  • Submitted by: brandythornton
  • on June 19, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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Running head: REFLECTIVE PAPER 1

Reflective Paper
Brandy Thornton
Monica Allen
May 28, 2012

Running head: REFLECTIVE PAPER 2

From a little girl who wanted her daddy, to a troubled teen, to a drug addict, to a youth pastor. That’s my life. We are going to take a look into different aspects of my life. I will reveal myself to you. Take you places no one has ever been. Share stuff that only a few people know.
I grew up in a close knit family. We lived within a 5 mile radius of all my family. We where
together almost every day. I was the first of 17 grandbabies. So with that I was real close to my
grandparents. I spent all my free time with them. When I was 8 my grandfather was diagnosed with
throat cancer. I thought my whole world was going to end. I would throw fits to be able to go to the
doctor with him. I did that because I thought he was going to die at the doctor’s office and I would
never see him again. I was able to have my grandpa until I was 16. He died of pancreatic cancer.
That’s when everything changes. Growing up I lived with my mom and step father. She married him
when I was 2. He always was a real good dad but he wasn’t my dad. I love him like he is my real dad
but there was always something missing. I had a lot of broken promises from my real dad. He would
call on Thursday and said he would pick me up after school on Friday. I would never give up on him. I
would wait hours and hours for him. After being done that way for years it took its toll on me. I thought
he did not love me and I had done something wrong. Because children are emotionally vulnerable
after a divorce, they are more likely to view a broken promise as a reflection of how much they are
valued as opposed to it just being due to a mistake by an over-extended parent. Astone, N. and McLanahan, S. (1991). I find that statement very true. We find that children who grow up apart from their biological fathers do...

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