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NAME Reflective Paper March 12, 2012 As a student majoring in the field of science, I feel that it is necessary for one to be pushed to think outside the box, and to ask questions about why and how something works the way it does instead of simply knowing that it works. To help enhance something or come up with new ideas one needs to know how and why a particular thing works such as an organ in the body. If an organ is not functioning correctly in the body, but one doesn’t know how or why it isn’t functioning correctly then one will not be able to correct the problem. I think this is one of the things I got out of science fair judging was that it is important to understand how something works. It seems like there are times I get too caught up with learning the material and worrying about the grade I will receive rather than appreciating how interesting science can be. When I judged the fairs there were times where I learned new things or thought about things in a different way after judging some of the student’s presentations. After judging the experiments I not only thought of ways they could enhance their project, but it also made me think how important science is in everyday life such as the denaturing of proteins after cooking carrots or if you can distinguish genetically the similarity between fingerprints. Also, it was good to see that some students had a genuine curiosity about the topic that they had chosen. I think it is important to do research on your own because when you do the research on your own you are more apt to remember a great deal more about your project rather than simply learning about its theoretical aspects in the classroom. I feel that science related professions greatly benefit from science fair programs. It is important for young students today to get introduced with how science relates to everyday life and should be

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