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Reflective statement covering 9/10/12 Using Gibbs reflective cycle ( I chose to reflect on a recent incident I attended as part of a DCA crew involving a 96 year old female patient with dementia and her husband who is her elderly carer . The patient has dementia and her husband stated the initial reason he called us was that he could no longer cope. This call came down as a 999 emergency. By using this method of reflection I wanted to be able to deliberate, learn and reflect. I wanted to be able to show how (person centred values must influence all aspects of my work ( Unit 12.1.1) Upon arriving at the address we undertook a dynamic risk assessment to ensure staff safety in accordance with YAS policy and procedures and staff training . On entering the property our patient was seated , we initially engaged in conversation with the patient who was showing obvious signs of distress and wasn't able to answer any of the questions we were putting to her. Recent dementia learning resource set out by YAS ( states that you need to adapt your communication when speaking to patients with dementia. I tried a number of the suggestions laid out in the training such as speaking in a calm manner getting down to the patients level, however the patient still showed signs of anxiety and distress and kept repeating a male name over and over and became louder when I approached her to try to gain some observations. The patients husband explained that she was suffering from dementia and had recently had a short spell in a local hospital. Dementia is an age-related condition. The older you are the more likely you are to have dementia. 1 in 16 people over 65 has dementia, 1 in 4 over 85. A quarter of
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