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Week 8 Reflective Journal 3 Submission There are a lot of advantages when collaborating projects. When a group is formed to collaborate on a project the main idea is that each member should contribute something towards the process of developing and vanishing whatever it should be crated, as well as talking and negotiating with each member of the group in order to make agreements. It has been known that teachers will mix strong students and weak students together as an attempt to get the weaker ones involved or at least give them a chance to make a good grade. Because I am a parent I feel like this is not fair but in the real world there are some strong workers and some lazy ones. So I feel like this is getting them prepared for the real world because if someone is not pulling their weight then you should speak up and get them on the right track. When reviewing someone else paper it shows me where I made my mistakes and gave me a chance to prepare for the next paper. Although you don’t gets the chance of review the feedback directly from the person reviewing your paper you can imagine your mistakes my reading someone else. There are several positives and negative features of having your paper reviewed by someone else. The positives are getting to learn a great deal about their writing, giving feedback and giving them a chance to improve their papers. The negatives are the reviewer doesn’t offer constructive criticism; they only use words like great job. Someone people would prefer on the instructor viewing their paper and only want his

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