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Reflective Journal Day 1 10th March 2014 was the first day of edge 1 class. Since we did not know the lecturer we were curious and anxious. We did not know about the subject as well. However, our lecturer arrived to the class on time and introduced herself to the class. Then she asked us to get into pairs and introduce ourselves to each other. My partner was Sanduni Jayasinghe. After that our task was to introduce our partner to the class. It was a very interesting activity because we got to know each other and it helped us to make new friends. Thereafter Miss Sharmila discussed about the subject, unit outline and about our assignments. Then she gave us a self evaluation sheet where we had to mark our social skills, social activities and benefits of social interaction. Finally we had to give marks so that we were able to evaluate about us. I have got highest mark to social skills and I understood that my drawbacks in other two titles. Then again we did a word puzzle in pairs. We were given words in the beginning and we had to find those words and encircle it. It improved our ability to work in groups and also to respecting other members. The next task was a cross word puzzle which is again something similar to finding words. As the next activity, the lecturer related a story. In pairs, we had to find the end to the story. It improves our ability of critical thinking as well as ability to work as a group. Finally, Miss Sharmila asked us to select a personality who I would like to be. We had to point out a reason for selecting the particular person too. I said that I wish to be William Shakespeare because I like the subject English literature and he is one of the best dramatists, and poets in English literature. Day 2 17th March 2014 was the second lecture of foundation of business. The session started on usual time. The main topic was Interpersonal

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