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Reflective Journal An adult learner in my perception is someone who takes is self motivated with a goal-oriented mind, knowing what they want out of tertiary study and life, which also has the determination to learn on their own terms to accomplish their goals. Expectations for my-self are necessary, having a goal in mind to do the Bachelor of Nursing next year when I applied for this current course reminds me what I am working towards, allowing myself to stay focus and on track. I feel the transition into tertiary study has proceeded well so far for me, studying on campus helps with studying at tertiary level. The Introduction to study course has given me a small insight of what future studies maybe like. Now over half way through the course, the determination to complete and achieve has increased and I can see my-self becoming an adult learner. My motivation to success on this programme comes from both external and internal sources. Friends and family are my external motivation sources as they motivate and support me throughout my studies to pursue my life goal as a Nurse. Although I am studying at tertiary level as an adult learner, at times I still rely on other people when I am stressed from study life and home life while still being young. I feel I am becoming an adult learner as this course has taught me how and why it is important becoming an adult learner for tertiary studies and in life. The plan for the future in becoming an adult learner is by; applying the techniques and tips the tutors have taught throughout this course. A tutor told us one important tip never to forget which was, “even if we think an assignment or an activity seems stupid or un-relevant for future studies, it may well be very important as you do not know what you need to learn and know”. This will help me in becoming an adult learner, which will not only assist with tertiary

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