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Reflective Journal Introduction In this reflective journal, I shall be talking about how I think in term of analysis and critical thinking in the workplace, I will take about my preferred learning styles, my strengths and areas in which I can further develop my skills in the workplace, I will also be incorporated some organizational behavior theories within my work and analyze how I fit into these theories from a working perspective. I am currently working at UBS in the Client Services space as an operations analyst. UBS is a leading financial services firm serving clients in over 50 countries. My team is responsible for the overall operations relationship for top priority clients at UBS and I serve as the analyst on the desk. My job involves preparing materials for the Client Relationship Managers in my team to take on client visits, setting up and taking minutes in internal meetings, organizing global video conferences and data analysis. Preferred Learning Style The VARK questionnaire is one of the most commonly used tools for one to categorize there learning style. After carrying out the VARK questionnaire (Appendix C) I found that I have an “Aural” learning style, this means that I learn via social interaction and I depend on hearing and speaking as a way of learning. I can relate this learning style to my 3 months so far at UBS as I set up meetings with my managers to talk through the processes that I need to learn and take notes whilst they are talking which helps me retain the information. My learning style is conversely also my presenting style in the sense that I prefer to speak face to face with my managers when presenting my findings after carrying out analysis. However, in my time here I have realized the importance of presenting in a written format such as email as my managers can always refer back to it when they need to instead of coming

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