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Reflective Journal The main points I have learnt from this session / assessment are: The need for initial and diagnostic assessments within the training needs analysis of the teacher training cycle. The initial assessment may take the form of a general application and determines an appropriate course of study suitable for the learner. The diagnostic assessment will identify learner strengths and needs and can be attained through various methods that include: • Review of documents and records • Accessing MIS systems • Carrying out learner interviews • Completing a self assessment study • Performing a language, literacy and numeracy test • Observation of learners • Structured group activities • Completing a VAK study The rationale behind this assessment is to build up a profile of the learner to enable development of a training strategy that is tailored to the individual’s personal learning needs. How I could develop my practical skills as a result of this session / assessment: I will implement the methods shown above within my own teaching environment and as a result, I will develop more meaningful learning strategies for my students. Based on diagnostic evidence, I can structure sessions that can meet the needs of all students, focusing on areas of weakness and strength. How I could develop my knowledge and understanding as a result of this session / assessment: I will look at different session plans developed by other tutors and determine if an allowance was made for different learning styles, I would look for certain details such as the resources required, this may indicate a learner has been profiled by VAK study. I will research diagnostic methods for learners and record different methods, {text:bookmark-start} Reflective learning journal (Session 2) Candidate signature:

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