Reflective Journal 2 : Research Challenges and Benefits Essay

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Reflective Journal 2: Research Challenges and Benefits English 115 – English Composition When I take the time out to read an article in either a newspaper or magazine that seems to be unsubstantiated it makes me wonder. When I open the thought process of curiosity then it leads me to go in search of the truth. I look for information on whatever caught my attention as false or exaggerated in the article. Depending on what the story is determines how I approach where I will look for the related information at. I am still learning and discovering the best ways for me to approach research. I went to college many years ago fresh out of high school and attended a college on campus. I was able to go to the library there to get a lot of my research done. I was struggling with being a new found single Mom and I did not complete my degree at that time. Now this has always been one of my biggest regrets. I now look to the internet first example or to start my research on any particular subject. I still am I fan of the good old fashion library. I find I am struggling with all that is out there to do research. Narrowing down the search is still something I am working on. Now that I have been in the telecommunication industry for well over ten year I want an opportunity to move up with a company. I am looking to add much more to my resume under education then just High School diploma. So I have started back on the journey of higher learning again. It has been many years and a lot has changed. I am attending no class room just all on line. And even thou I am on a computer almost seven days a week I find myself overthinking each assignment and

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