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Reflective Journal NURS478 November 28, 2011 Deborah Lilly Reflective Journal The purpose of this paper is to describe the steps and process that I used to answer the ethical questions involved in two Simulation Games: The Case of The Troubled Teen and Policies and Politics. In addition, I will discuss how the concepts described in this simulation relate to my workplace. The Case of The Troubled Teen This case describes the case of an unwed 16 years old that was admitted to labor and delivery accompanied by her parents. She has been in Labor for 10 hours. The parents are asking to withhold pain medications for personal reasons. The nursing staff is concern of the impact that this decision may have in the mother and child. They are also concern that the parents may not fully understand the consequences of their decision. To make this ethical decision I used the Baird Method which consists of four steps and the last fifth step of reflection (Ethics Game: Baird Decision Model, 2011). Step 1: Be attentive or evaluating the evidence. This is one of the most important steps. The first step in any decision process is to gather the data and facts that may influence my decision. In this step, one determines the specific issue that needs resolve. I reviewed the emails and communications regarding the case to get a picture of the situation and the issue. Step 2: Be Intelligent or identify the issue. To identify the issue, is important to determine what matters most and the individuals affected by the decision. This is the step in which I formulated which is the most important ethical question that has to be answered. In this case, the question is how to assure that Rachel and her baby get appropriate and timely medical care while respecting the family’s beliefs. Step 3: Be reasonable or Use your knowledge. In this step one sort out through the information is

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