Reflective Essay: Tuskegee University

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As my family and I entered the historic Lincoln gates of Tuskegee University, I jumped in my seat waiting anxiously to roam the campus freely and wander about the college atmosphere. After twelve tiresome years of schooling from the elementary to high school level, the glimpse of Tuskegee University in my eye made the long hours of studying, doing essays, and lack of sleep all worthwhile. Tuskegee University has had former names to the university, which were the following Tuskegee Normal, Industrial Institute, Tuskegee Normal School, Tuskegee Institute, and presently Tuskegee University. My first vision of this historic university was the famous “Lifting the Veil” statue, of which founder Booker T. Washington lifts up the veil of ignorance from a young man so that he too could one day change the world. Seeing that statue made me think tremendously of how fortunate I am to have a loving mother who cares for me and took the time to give…show more content…
Each building that I passed while driving through the campus told a different story, each with historical significance which changed society. Driving through the campus I thought of all of the people that were counting on me to succeed and make the proud by lifting the “Veil of Ignorance” from American society holds, which is that African-Americans are inferior to others and that most young black men end up in prison. My first view of Tuskegee University was one that I was not only a new chapter in my life but would also determine the impact I will have in the world as I followed the footsteps of others who too walked through the gates of Tuskegee

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