Reflective Essay On Night By Elie Wiesel

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Night, by Elie Wiesel, is an autobiographical book about the survival of a young Jew that is living in the times of the horrifying Holocaust. The characters face terrifying accounts that takes place at the concentration camp, Auschwitz. Wiesel writes of his battle for survival and the utmost degradation of the human race. What he sees and experiences as a young boy shapes his outlook on the world entirely. The story is powerful and affecting through the negligence of the Nazis. In Night, the people are forced to adapt to this horrific situation by focusing on the needs of survival, resisting faith and religion, and simply becoming accustomed to their surroundings. The simple task of the prisoners in concentration camps is to survive the inhumane acts the Nazis perform. Enduring the torment alone would not relieve them of death, but would facilitate them to live. When first placed in this situation, it would seem almost impossible to be able to live in these circumstances. With disease being highly contagious, food being scarce, and the harsh freezing winters, one would imagine surviving is impractical. How do the victims survive? They do so by being selfish and sacrificing. Many sons…show more content…
Night, by Elie Wiesel, is a true dramatic story of his imprisonment in a concentration camp. The torture and the amount of loss he suffered there is unimaginable. The powerful story is based on the main character, Eliezer, and his depictions of the Holocaust. He shares his frightening experience being enslaved under the Nazis. Inhumanity is a frequent occurrence within the walls of the concentration camps. Fully understanding what Wiesel experienced is impractical but the accounts he has faced is heartbreaking and a true

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