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Reflective Report Word count: 1470 Reflective Report PPR 13/05/2012 Declaration I hereby declare that I wrote this assignment on my own and without the use of any other sources than the cited sources and the dissertation has not yet been handed in neither in this nor in equal form at any other official commission. ………………………………………………………… Signature Date and Place Table of Contents Sr.No. | Attributes | Pg. No. | 01 | Declaration | II | 02 | Table of Contents | III | 03 | Reflective Writing | 01 | 04 | Conceptualization and Learning | 02 | 05 | Development and Motivation | 03 | 06 | Recollection | 04 | 07 | Critical Appraisal | 05 | 08 | Reference List | 06 | 09 | Image Reference | 07 | 10 | Bibliography | 08 | Reflective Writing The Idea of thinking about one’s own cognition, perceiving the state of one’s mind and its modus operandi has been a research subject since long. John Locke (1690) used the term reflection to refer to the “perception of the state of our own minds”. A reflective thinking is merely drawing attention to the attainment of the final goal through a process of educating oneself, monitoring and judging the various aspects of the work and trying to anticipate problems and finding suitable realistic solutions. Reflective thinking allows commanding self-control over one’s belief, the mind or intellect perceiving itself. All aspects of creation require an analytical insight to intelligently promote the mindset in going beyond its own limitations and creating results beyond one’s expectation. According to Paul (Paul, 1990, p.448) only a reflective mind has got a thorough consideration of one’s thought with better individual self-control. Critical thinking is focuses on a desired outcome; it is more related to solving problems, calculating and drawing inferences (Halpen 1996). On the other hand reflective

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